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Legal Videography: Legal Video; videography; Court Reporting; Fitzsimmons Reporting; videoconference; NJ; Livingston; new jersey

Legal Videography Services

Legal Videography

Often an essential part of the litigation process, video captures the moment. It can be the key to reaching a jury. Video can support oral arguments or impeach witness testimony. Using only the latest state-of-the-art equipment, our staff of legal video professionals offer a full complement of video services to meet all your needs.


  • Certified Videotaped Depositions

  • Legal Proceedings

  • Day-In-The-Life 

  • Video/Text Synchronization 

  • Video Editing, Digitizing & Courtroom Playback 

  • Date and Time Stamping 

  • Secure Archiving 

Video Streaming


Now you can sit in on a deposition and view the live transcript with your expert in the comfort of your office and stay one step ahead. Also, with “On Demand” you can review the deposition at your leisure with high-speed connection.

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