Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

"Being There"  Has Never Been As Easy , Convenient and Economical.

Our State-of-the-Art videoconference room is a perfect place for your next deposition, interview or meeting.  Our facility offers complete services including a document camera, a PC hookup to present Power Point, access to fax, photocopy machines, computers and more…


Our comfortable, professional conference room is available 24/7. There is always an attendant available to assist you with your technical needs.  As a member of multiple networks, we can schedule your videoconference services anywhere in the world. 

Broadcast Quality (point-to-point & multi-point connections)

Worldwide Scheduling

Unbeatable Rates

In our continuing effort to provide our clients with effective and economical services, Fitzsimmons Reporting can provide you, your associates and your clients with dramatic savings in time, hassles and the high cost of traveling…all without sacrificing the importance of face-to-face communication.     

We have combined the best available technology with an affiliation of a global network  of public video conference centers, the Legal Videoconference Network, to provide you with a high quality, convenient and economical alternative to "BEING THERE".   

Video Streaming


Now you can sit in on a deposition and view the live transcript with your expert in the comfort of your office and stay one step ahead. Also, with “On Demand” you can review the deposition at your leisure with high-speed connection.

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