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"I would highly recommend Fitzsimmons Reporting. No matter the request or complexity of testimony, their staff and reporters come through all the time with accurate, timely transcripts. They understand what's important in this profession...and never fail to deliver."

Joseph L. Garrubbo, Esquire

Garrubbo & Capece, P.C.

"For over a decade, I have been utilizing the services of Fitzsimmons Reporting in my litigation practice. Their reporters and staff are not only highly skilled, courteous and responsive; they are dependable and professional as well. I would highly recommend Fitzsimmons Reporting."

Lawrence M. Berkeley, Esquire

Braff, Harris and Sukoneck, LLC

"From videoconferenced depositions to public hearings, to routine statements and depositions too numerous to count, Fitzsimmons Reporting has always come through. Sometimes the circumstances were less than ideal (if not outright hostile), but they remained unflappable, the consummate professionals throughout. There are not enough people or organizations like them in the world. They have consistently demonstrated that I can always rely on their services.

Charles R. Cohen, Esquire

Law Office of Charles R. Cohen, LLP

"I am very satisfied with Fitzsimmons Reporting and have used them consistently over the past 25 years. Their staff and reporters can always be counted on to deliver accurate and timely transcripts. Their quality, consistency and service has made a great impression on everyone in my office."

Mark A. Gelfand, Esquire

Gelfand, Barone and Bava, Esqs.

"I had the opportunity to work with Fitzsimmons Reporting over the course of approximately 100 days of deposition and arbitration hearings. Carol Fitzsimmons and the other members of her office were a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend their services. The video conference center was convenient and very cost effective."

Peter J. Smith, Esquire

Connell Foley LLP

"Fitzsimmons Reporting has been the most responsive and responsible court reporting service I have ever dealt with in my 20 plus years practicing law. Their ability to provide the technology of videoconferences right in their office is an added bonus which I highly recommend."

Bonny G. Rafel, Esquire

Bonny G. Rafel, LLC

"We highly recommend Fitzsimmons Reporting. They have superior service and it is a pleasure to work with them."

Agren Blando

Denver, CO

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