Leadership, Carol Fitzsimmons; Fitzsimmons Reporting; best NJ court reporter


FitzSimmons Reporting Service launched its reporting services to the legal environment in 1982.  However, Carol Fitzsimmons has been a Certified Shorthand Reporter since 1973.  She gained a firm footing into the legal arena by  reporting  on  rotation for various judges in Superior Court and U.S. District Court gaining a vast knowledge in Criminal, Bankruptcy, Commercial and Environmental Law.                                                                                                                                                          

Carol Fitzsimmons, CSR, President,  has been freelancing for over 30 years specializing in complex litigation.  She gives credit to this portion of her career for setting a high standard of error-free transcripts and providing her reporters with the mentoring and training to acclaim her agency  superiority in the field.

Our professional staff is available 24/7 to accommodate  your needs for Depositions, Realtime, Videotaped Depositions,  Litigation Support, Videoconferencing  and Interpreters.